Digital PayExpo 2018

Innovative Financial Services for the Vast Unserved Segment


Digital PayExpo 2018

Digital PayExpo is designed as an inclusive series addressing different segments of digital financial services with a focus on how such services can leverage on technology to bring access to bottom of the pyramid markets.

5th-7th of June 2018
Lagos, Nigeria
Theme: “Innovative Financial Services for the Vast Unserved Segment”


Hosted by Intermarc Consulting, the conference brought together some of the brightest minds and personalities in the Africa’s payment industry. It also afforded an opportunity for networking and sponsors and exhibitors to showcase their brands to investors, decision makers, government and policy regulators in the Nigerian financial landscape.

We partnered with Intermarc Consulting to achieve the following campaign objective;

  • Rebuild a responsive and user friendly website.
  • Create brand awareness for the conference(Delegate Registration, Sponsors and? Exhibitors, mCash Challenge, Data Fiesta and PayExpo Awards 2018).

    The Result

    We rebuilt a functional, responsive and user friendly experience website with easy navigation. Also, we created a one-of-a kind online and offline campaigns which generated buzz and gave the target audience a change of scene thereby getting signups for participations as delegates but most especially, got sponsors and exhibitors for the events/conferences.


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